Acrylics painting Tirta Empul 2 by Sabine Engert

Painting Tirta Empul No 2


Tirta Empul is a sacred spring in a temple complex of the same name. In this painting, the spring itself is depicted. It can be seen from the higher temple precinct. Read more...

Acrylics painting Dalam Jelantik by Sabine Engert

Painting Temple Dalam Jelantik


People mainly pray for health in the Dalam Jelantik temple. This is since the place has shown itself to be a blessed place. The painting of Pura Dalam Temple was created out of gratitude for the help received. Mehr lesen...

Pura Dalam Nr. 2

Painting Dalam Temple, Bona No 2


Dalam temples are dedicated to Shiva, the destroyer. Therefore, ceremonies related to death, among other things, are held in the temple. The energy there is wonderfully calm and encompasses life and death. See how my painting depicts it and read more...

Painting Dalam Temple, Bona No 1


Dalam temples can be found in every village on Bali. These are dedicated to Shiva and hold the energy of destruction and thus transformation, so that new things can arise. The painting shows equanimity in a Dalam temple.

Acrylics on Canvas, Tirta Empul no 1 by Sabine H. Engert

Painting Tirta Empul No 1


The painting Tirta Empul shows the feeling of letting go. Those who visit the Tirta Empul temple seek clarification and healing through the purification ritual in the water pools. Read more!


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