Acrylics on canvas, Devi Sarasvati by Sabine H. Engert

The painting Devi Sarasvati


The painting Devi Sarasvati shows the goddess against a chaotic background. Devi Sarasvati is the goddess of arts and sciences. Read more.

Abstract acrylic painting: The warmth of compassion by Sabine Engert

The Warmth of Compassion


The painting "The warmth of compassion" has emerged from experiences with people who listen without judging, evaluating or suggesting solutions.

Abstract acrylic painting: Devotion by Sabine Engert

Painting Devotion and Manifestation


When I paint, I need devotion to be able to create. This devotion has to do with love. Out of devotion, things manifest because the feeling is so great. But the devotion is more important than the manifestation.


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