Abstract paintings – inspired by the island of Bali

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Help Children in Bali

50% of every picture sale goes to school education and health care.

Buy art, help childrens dreams to come true

50% of the proceeds from the sale of paintings and prints in 2021 will be donated to the education and health care of Balinese children.

The paintings on this website are the result of contact with the culture of Bali. The culture of Bali is rich and the nature is beautiful. But the island of Bali, like the country of Indonesia, is poor. Many families cannot afford schooling for their children or even health care.

Our association Swarna Dwipa Community Project Bali e.V. aims to help children:
with school education and health care.

Help give children dreams and a better future with a picture purchase.

Some of our pupils and students of the last school year 2020/2021

School education and health care for children in Bali

The project School Education and Health Care for Children in Bali was launched two decades ago by Swarna Dwipa. Since 2017, the non-profit association in Munich has been supporting the project as well: Swarna Dwipa Community Project Bali e.V.

Donations to the association in Munich are fully tax-deductible in Germany.